A little about me

Throughout the many years working in the game design industry, the one thing that stuck with me was the dedication people had to play a platform that allowed them to explore and challenge themselves through the experience. I treat that as my design philosophy whenever I work on a project. Reaching further than what has been done, or experimenting with the unconventional within an industry allows for innovation to thrive.

Skills I have gathered over the years

  • 7+ Years Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

  • 6+ Years Microsoft Office & Excell

  • 5+ Years of HTML / CSS Development

  • 4+ Years of 2D & 3D CAD Design for 
    Industrial and commercial applications

  • 4+ Years of database management
    through CentOS and SQL applications


things I have been apart of

Echo Whistle 

Designing the loudest 3D Printable Whistle

At 15 I wanted to challenge myself and approach a new industry I was not nearly familiar enough with. So diving straight in I decided to design a whistle. From the initial research phase of understanding the basics of how a whistle functions to designing it and going through test print after a test print. I completed the design and since then the whistle has reached over 250,000 views and 50,000+ downloads and I have been approached to sell the design for retail use. 

Club Obsidian Entertainment

Founder | Community Management | Marketing

Long ago when I was 14 with $40 in my pocket I noticed a growing market in the Minecraft server industry, from that moment I decided to get a handful of friends together and developed the platform. It allowed us to create a game that reached over 2,000,000 unique users and changed my career path and opened my eyes to the world of entrepreneurship.

Since then Club Obsidian has seen over 15,000 registered users on the website and over 100,000+ transactions from the 1,000 - 5,000 daily users. 

Jamie Levine Photography

Website | Rebranding & SEO

Jamie Levine was expanding his brand to focus a wider reach for his audience and needed to change his online look. Starting with the website we defined a creative outlook and went from there. Building the aesthetic to look similar to a wedding photo book to relate to his audience. Through SEO I built out coverage of his specific targeted locations and created meta tags, posts, keyword image titles, and sublinks with a social hyperlink ecosystem. The site tripled in traffic and reached more leads. 

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Empowered Prosthetics

3D Printer Design & Filament Design

Looking around online I stumbled on a local startup while I was living in Florida. The company focused on trying to build a prosthetic arm for next to nothing. I was inspired to help build the device in any way possible just based on the philosophy of the company. Over a couple of months I was with them I designed a scanning method to get a baseline of the arm model by scanning the opposite arm and mirroring it with a Kinect 2.0, designed an FDM 3D Printer with a focus on printing ASA plastic.

Escape Room Loudoun

3D & 2D CAD | Prop design | Marketing

One of the hardest business models to market would be the escape room due to its need for a consistent requirement for new customers without having the ability to easily retain previous ones. While I was apart of the team at Escape Room Loudoun we focused our efforts on a wide variety of outreach mainly building out partnership plans with local companies like Domino's Pizza and timing out a flyer release alongside the Superbowl. As for prop design, I utilized my knowledge of CAD and 3D design to build puzzles and room layouts.

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