Local marketing for a skateboarding event

Grind for life was a charity event hosted by Florida Virtual School, my main responsibility in this was to help plan out a marketing strategy that would reach the local college-aged audience with a 2-week deadline. The main focus was to utilize digital marketing tools through Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Due to the limited budget and time frame, the main strategy I came up with was using google maps color based hotspots and going to those businesses and using flyers with snapcodes or placing snapchat codes in places where there's heavy foot traffic for college students.  

FLVS Grind4Life

Planning Phase

With a two week deadline and too much work to get done the first step was reaching out to local businesses based off google maps data and printing out a plethora of snapchat codes for people to scan and redirect them to a social media profile for event information.


Researching the correct locations for the audience was key, using google maps reviews I did a quick survey of what demographic goes where. Mainly focusing all marketing efforts within a 5-mile radius of the college campus. Along with this, I planned out some small level social marketing through geolocated posts by friends and small "influencers". Slowly but steadily we had around 30 local businesses with the snap code and a wide enough outreach to get around 150+ impressions through the snapcode. 

Final thoughts

This project was an interesting opportunity to utilize a fairly unconventional means of advertising but I took inspiration with how QR codes are widely used in Japan. Due to the highly populated demographic of users on snapchat being in the age range of 14 to 26 Snapchat codes was a fairly viable method to get cheap impressions locally for a charity event.