Website & SEO Project

Jamie Levine Photography is a wedding photography business based in New York, NY. Through the time of working with them, the focus was to restructure the website to make it more personalized around the luxury wedding audience and get more leads. The way Jamie and I focused the rebranding effort was to take previous weddings and working to tell a story through the pictures of the events with a romantic slogan as the title. Correlating it with keywords specific to the audience based on the location of the wedding.

When it comes to SEO, the goal was to increase the organic search rating and page score so our method was to increase meta tags, keywords, and subpages pertaining to each wedding page and creating descriptions that described a story with a focus on keyword management.

Jamie Levine Photography

Design Process

When designing the website our goal was to make it look clean, playful and designed similarly to the style of a wedding photobook. The core demographic that is looking for a high-class wedding photographer would be the soon to be bride or their parents so you need to design something that comes off as elegant in the same vein as high fashion. 

Going through and thoroughly researching what makes people connect with a photographer is the most important note. Building an emphasis on brand identity through connection and capturing authenticity. So the focus on the site was prioritized emotional content to make people connect with Jamie instead of having the potential clients view him as solely as a wedding photographer. 

SEO Organization

In my mind, I think to maximize SEO you need to start there and build the website as the second step. SEO should be the foundation of the website you are producing which closely ties into the brand identity which in return will lead in a higher return of leads. Through this website, it was littered with content focusing on keywords to meta tags and even digging deeper into photo optimizations based on keywords in the meta description to titles to connect it with google image tagging. 

The result led to a higher search result for all keywords connected to his brand and his key location-based demographics.

Social Rebranding

The final step we took in this project was to create a unified social ecosystem through all of the websites. Specifically, with the wedding photography business, social media platforms play a key role in finding a specific aesthetic, so having everything intertwined through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Linkedin is a fundamental step to creating good backlinks and a more well-rounded baseline for his brand's platform. 

Since Jamie is a personalized brand its important to connect with the clients and use word of mouth advertising by making sure the clients feel connected to the brand for years to come. You are selling a service but at the end of the day with a personalized brand, you are building a long-lasting connection. 

Final Outcome

Doubled Page Views   |   Tripled Leads