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In the beginning stages of logo design, I want to learn the brand. For a good logo to convey what the company it does the designer must understand what that company is first. 

A Logo is the first thing a potential customer will see. It must represent you


After defining the message behind your brand, I will create multiple rough drafts to see which stylized direction you want to go. Every logo is hand drawn in this stage

Initial Design

Research & Discovery

One of the fundamental steps for the logo design will to research and study your company. Knowing the demographics you want to target along with the history behind your brand allows us to pave a direction for your new logo. The research phase is also an opportunity to discover potential ideas which could be used as inspiration.

Once the research has been completed and understanding your history is known we will draw up the logos and compile a presentation full of real-world examples to highlight how the design can be used. When presenting the design I only showcase what I truly am confident in. I will bring insight into what I think works best and explain how and why. 

Design & Presentation

"Above all the final choice is yours to make. If you feel the design could be changed or modified to better meet your goals changes will be made"

Final Delivery & Support

When the pencils are put to rest and the design is completed. First making sure you are happy with the final design work, I will prepare your logo for use online and for print. If requested I will also provide you with a design outline showcasing the best design practices as your business grows. If at any point you need assistance with your logo files I will be available to support you ongoing. 

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Logo Design

Product layouts


Promotional Posters

Flyer & Business Cards

Creative Direction

Clothing Design

2D & 3D CAD

Product mockups

3D printable designs

CAD Blocks

Architectural Designs

3D Interiors

Renders & 3D Printed mockups


Removing elements

Custom lighting presets

Photo recolouration

Photo restoration

Filters & Lighting 

Resizing and general editing


Character voices

Audiobook Narration

Trailers & Commercials


Sports broadcasting

Presentation narration

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